All In A Day’s Work
Three bubbes (grandmothers) were sitting around and bragging about their children. The first one says, ” You know my son, he graduated fist in his class from Stanford, he’s now a doctor making $250,000 a year in Chicago”
The second woman says, “You know my son, he graduated first in his class from Harvard, he’s now a lawyer making half a million dollars a year and he lives in Los Angeles.”
The last woman says, ” you know my son, he never did too well is school, he never went to any university but he now makes 3 million dollars a Year in New York working as a sports repairman” The other two women ask “Vos is a sports repairman?” The Bubbe replies, “He fixes hockey games, football games, baseball games,….”

A Few Jewish Proverbs

Cancer–schmancer! — as long as you’re healthy.

Don’t spit into the well–you might drink from it later.

If one person tells you that you have donkey’s ears, take no notice; should two tell you so, procure a saddle for yourself.

If you have a ringing in your ears, don’t answer!

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