“Barry challenged us to be biblically strong in the Lord.” – J & C

“Barry was a true servant of the King of Kings!” – D.S.

“Heaven only knows how many lives were touched by Barry and will also be awarded that crown.” – P, M & L

“Rejoicing for all those Barry invited to follow Jesus!” – P. F.

“One day we will dine with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Barry. Well done good and faithful servant!” – A. S.

“Barry leaves a huge void in thousands of lives, including mine.” – E. G.

“What a blessing Barry was to me. And he truly glorified our Lord. He had a love for God’s chosen people.” – E. B.

“Nothing more encouraging than the stories of Barry’s relentless sharing of Christ with strangers, and his teaching Christ to friends. Romans 1:16 was an ideal verse for remembering his passion.” – S & R