Testimony 9

“Barry challenged us to be biblically strong in the Lord.” – J & C “Barry was a true servant of the King of Kings!” – D.S. “Heaven only knows how many lives were touched by Barry and will also be awarded that crown.” – P, M & L “Rejoicing for all those Barry...

Testimony 8

“Chris and I came to understand our Jewish roots because of Barry. He was such an inspiration to all of us!” — J. M. “I will always remember my first Messianic Passover Seder, hosted by the incomparable Rabbi Berger. It was so educational—and he made it fun too!...

Testimony 7

“I remember Barry as a warrior for God. Not perfect, but a fearless man who served God in the best way he knew how—with fire and passion as he preached and witnessed the Gospel to thousands. I just hope he’ll let me have a room in his mansion.” – J....

Testimony 6

“The Olive Tree Congregation family owes a unique debt to Barry and you, Vi. We are grateful for the investment you made in our formative years. We are grateful for your ongoing faithfulness in preaching Messiah’s Good News to our people.” – Pastor D. S.

Testimony 5

“We, and our church, always remember Barry’s wonderful teaching!” – Pastor N.

Testimony 4

“Barry was a wonderful mentor to me in Jewish evangelism! Vi, please keep us the wonderful work you do in publishing the testimonies of people who have found and embraced Yeshua as their Messiah.” – P.S.